Our History

Good food from good sources form our family recipe

The Bay of bengal where many locals fish to support their families

Nana’s summers palm trees

Our Nana had a special place when it came to large events such as wedding parties and engagement dinners. The whole family would be invited while our family would go around helping produce some of the most wonderful dishes like our tandoor chicken. Her specialty was the dessert as many of our neighbors loved to come and try her famous rasamali sweets. We hope with our menu you will enjoy the spice and delicacy of Indian cuisine we have been experiencing for many years.

The humble beginnings

Born in Bangladesh and migrating to the United Kingdom we came with a love for our family home-style cooking and want to share it here as we are proud of our traditional dishes. We grew up with our grandparent to our mothers and our aunties cooking who instilled many recipes where no one persons would have the same recipe from how long the onions would cook to the deeply spiced broth would sit cooking under the wooden fire. Our daily meals consisted of mouth-watering vegetable curries, freshly made chicken curries to the Pangash fish caught locally and cooked.

Tending guests has always been the business of our family
Mixing tradition with fresh influences and a homely atmosphere

Our promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver fresh, sustainable and organic products.
Rashid Hussain , Chef

Our philosophy

We follow a holistic approach from crop to table

Fresh ingredients

Making sure we get the best pick of the day when we cook fresh is key to our flavouring.


Freshly prepared with every meal, authentic naan bread. 

Premium Quality

We pride ourselves in choosing the best quality ingredients.

The lady of the house

A lot of the time when we use to sit at the kitchen table we would smell the spiced aroma of the food traveling through the kitchen to the dining table. We knew as siblings we were being spoiled by my Nan's cooking when she had decided to take over the kitchen from my mother. 

Chef Rashid Patel

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We look forward to meeting your requirements at our restaurant, for a special occasion please do get in touch with our team. 

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